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ElementsCAD for Vectorworks 2014 – the intuitive Cabinet maker -CAD Software

One new menu-command “generate cut” produces out of every 3D-object a vertical-, cross-  or frontal section in a own sectional plane.
An inquiry regulates according to your view which step shall be generated.
Click here to watch ElementsCAD 2014 films. Alternatively you can see all innovations of our cabinet maker for an overview as a pdf-file.

 cabinet maker ElementsCAD for Vectorworks . Möbel Modul ElementsCAD für Vectorworks

The editing sector is randomly terminable in order to e. g.  display only a small part of a model.

The class styles or class affiliations of the objects of a 3D-model are carried over in the 2D-model.
So it’s a simple task to assign appropriate attributes.

Kettenbemassung im Schreiner-CAD ElementsCAD . Kettenbemassung im Schreiner-CAD ElementsCAD

ElementsCAD Version 2014 owns now an extremely efficient chain-dimensioning-tool.

You only need 2 clicks to determine a trim line – a 3rd click with your mouse is necessary to position the dimensioning. That’s it!

In the options you can adjust if spaces between, surfaces or both shall be shaded.
With this setting tightly packed dimensions can be controlled in a better way.

Overlapping dimensions are automatically raised.


Vertikal separations in Cabinet maker -CAD ElementsCAD for Vectorworks

individuelle-Front . There are no limits in front configuration. Every segment in version 2014 can be exempted and in consequence individually followed up.The intelligence i. e. the parametric is unconditionally retained.
The picture on the left shows a cabinet.
The left door can be clicked on separately and hence edited individually.

The demands on Cabinet maker -CAD programs have been raising enormously during the last years.
In the past it was enough to show a 2D-drawing to the client, but step-by-step 3D-drawings were
established (first black-and-white, later photo-realistic).
Meantime there are even films in place to give the client an as realistic image as possible of the planned construction
und inzwischen sogar Filme etabliert, um dem Kunden eine möglichst reale Vorstellung des Bauvorhabens zu vermitteln.
Cabinet maker -CAD software has to be easy to operate and made up intuitively.
ElementsCAD integrates with every Vectorworks-application –
it doesn’t matter if you use Vectorworks Basic, Vektorworks Pro, Vectorworks Architecture, Vectorworks Interorcad or Vectorworks Designer!

Our Cabinet maker -CAD films show how easy and fast planning and designing with ElementsCAD goes on.
Where the parametric has its limts starts the strength of interaction with our Interior CAD-Module ElementsCAD.

Tools within the cabinet maker

Menu commands
of the cabinet maker

Schreiner-CAD . Tischler-CAD Programm ElementsCAD

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