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CAD furniture Freeware – 2D furniture


ElementsCAD for Vectorworks includes parametric objects for CAD furniture freeware.

Through categories you can assign grid pictures, colour gradients or RAL-colours to the objects.


CAD furniture Freeware – easy to use


The procedure couldn’t be easier:

First you put an so called intelligent object into the drawing.

After that, you can edit this intelligent symbol in the infopanel of Vectorworks.

It’s irrelevant, if there are one ore more CAD furniture Freeware are activated.

Within a few minutes you can create the most different plans.


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CAD furniture Freeware – 2D-views


ElementsCAD makes generating of parametric 2D-views possible.

Through different category-types you can assign the colour gradient or grid-picture-filling you want to the CAD furniture freeware.

You can change the data of the CAD-furniture freeware in the infopanel of Vectorworks later.

All consturction-parts of a CAD- furniture belogn to individual categories, for example “beech-side” or “RALwhite-bottom”.

Every category can have its individual filling- and pen-attribute, for example specific line-types, -thicknesses or patterns.



CAD-furniture Freeware – fotorealistic presentation


The parameters in the 2D-furniture freeware tool are nearly identic with the tool 3D-cupboard of ElementsCAD, so that you can find your way very fast.

We advise particularly for very extensive CAD furniture freeware in the 3D-area the full version of ElementsCAD.

CAD-furniture 3D make a fotorealistic presentation possiple.

Due to this reason had the demand for 3D-furniture plannings extremly risen.

ElementsCAD comes up to this necessity at all points.

The CAD-furniture can be presented extremely real with the C4D-core of Renderworks.

You can also assign individual textures very easy and fast, for example to add glass-bottoms to a beech-cupboard.


CAD furniture Freeware – textures


You can add to your CAD-furniture freeware individual fronts, pedestals, lid profiles, handles, in ElementsCAD for Vectorworks.

ElementsCAD accesses an external library-drawing for this. 

So you can easily draw your individual cupboard-object.

Textures like woodtypes, glas, mirror,… can be assigned in the CAD furniture freeware with the module Renderworks.

The delivery includes hundreds of textures from different producers.

Beside woodtypes, there are colours and Corean-materials included.

CAD-Möbel freeware are in ElementsCAD for Vectorworks flexible like in nearly no other CAD-programme.

You can find presstexts and articles about CAD furniture freeware in diverse trade journals.

cad furniture freeware


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