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We offer you constant Carpentry Software-solutions for interior work, carpentry, planner, interior design, architects, exhibition stand construction,…

Branchprogram ElementsAV
 • Address-administration • Process-administration • Order processing
• Clients-order processing • Invoicing • Text processing
• Correspondence
• Interface to other programs  • Calculation • Object lists
• Pricing • Production list • Material requirements list
• Time management • integrated time recording • Post calculation
 • Orderings
Cutting optimisation ElementsOPT
  • Label printing   • Remaining sheet
  • Material requirements
 • Excel-interface  • Price calculation  • Graphic representation



CAD-program ElementsCAD for Vectorworks / Renderworks
 • Bodygenerator • Furniture construction • Bodyfurniture
• Visualization • Films • Panoramen
• Globaler Fronts  • Globaler Handles  • Global textures
• Interfaces to other programs  • CNC-programs • Object lists
• automatic, individual cuttings • Any scale Massstäbe • Material requirements lists
• up to 100 cancel-steps • integrated producer-data • Counter-function
 • Roof-pitchs  • Bend furniture  • Edge-bench-function
• Direct handover to ElementsOPT


ElementsCAM – CNC Software
 • CNC-programs • Machine-neutral • easy to handle
• Drawing-functions • Catching-functions • Working-lists
• Variable programming  • DXF-Import  • Vectorworks-Interface
• Own macros  • CAM-Reader for free • Strukture-tree
• Best cost-performance ratio

Carpentry software – for whom?

Our Carpentry Software is considered to interior workers.
ElementsCAD for Vectorworks guarantees you to be constant form designing over calculation to production.
Vectorworks is an efficient program for 2D- 3D-construction.
Vectorworks is known as an Carpentry Software.
In conjunction with the Carpentry Software PlugIn ElementsCAD is Vectorworks able to respond specifically to needs in furniture-production.

You can creat photo realistic presentations with Renderworks.
Even animations are possible without great time exposure.

After drawing a furniture you can handover the elements over an object-list-function of your carpentry software to a cutting-optimisiation-software/ a CNC-software.

In the work preparation you can use the object lists from your carpentry software ElementsCAD for calculation.
You can create fixture-lists, surface-lists, edge-lists,… out of the data from your carpentry-software with ElementsAV.

ElementsCAD for Vectorworks is the central carpentry-software

• VectorWorks    the worldwide used 2D/3D-CAD-Software
• RenderWorks in VectorWorks integrated features for photorealistic visualization of your drawings
• ElementsCAD the efficient carpentry software solution for designing, planning and presentation
• ElementsCAM the efficient CNC-solution with integrated VectorWorks/ElementsCAD connection
• ElementsAV the efficient solution for work preparation and order processing
• ElementsOPT the efficient solution for cutting optimization
• TimeRec-T the cost-effectiv and efficient standalone time recording for handcraft, trade, architects and freelancer.


Carpentry software – Elements products flowchart

 Carpentry software – Time recording

TimeRec-T is no carpentry software and is used as a stand-alone-programm for PC-based time recording.

The program realizes besides time recording and time calculation also gross material calculation.

The product-series ElementsCAD – ElementsCAM – ElementsAV – ElementsOPT realizes a constant carpentry software solution.
The topic CAD-programs for carpenters and  carpentry software is likely to picked up by carpentry magazines.

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