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ElementsCAD for Vectorworks 2014

In version 2014 have been a lot of updates for the carpentry module ElementsCAD included.

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ElementsCAD for Vectorworks in an overview:


The in furniture carpentry often needed pitched-roof-cabinet has already been included  into the infopanel of Vectorworks in version.

You can fill in the needed meassures for your roof pitch in only one field.
Only one menue command creates automatically the relevant fitting straps. It couldn’t be easier!

 Carpentry CAD Module ElementsCAD:
Watch the videos to updates in 2014.

Automatically shaded cuttings are easily created with our CarpentryCAD module!


The result are 2D-areas which can be shaded individually.
According to the categories adapting shades are assigned.


The automatic chain-dimensioning makes generating Meassures very easy.





You can genereate individual edges in every new created edge-dialogue.

You can create the look of an edge for every part of your object individually.


The fiber direction kann be rotated, which has an influence on:

  • The data for length and width are changed in the object list
  • The fibre direction of the texture of furniture will also be rotated

Edges can be faded in and out with only one menue-command.

A new body-type can make inserted floors visible or unvisible.

The CAD-program Vektorworks assulted itself in interior design, – architecture and and architecture on the market.
ElementsCAD is an efficient planning- and presentationing-module in the area of furniture Carpentry.

Our Carpentry CAD example videos show, how to plan and create fast and easy with ElementsCAD.

Tools in Carpentry CAD  Program ElementsCAD Menue-commands in Carpentry CAD
Program ElementsCAD

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