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CAD-Tools in ElementsCAD

ElementsCAD  has a lot of very efficient CAD-tools.

  • Automatic  2D-views
    Activated 3D-Objects are duplicated and inserted in a new plane.
    The CAD-tools of ElementsCAD find out,
    if there should be only one view or more (front, top, left) generated at one time.
  • Hide – and insert function of objects
    The desired objects are activated. After calling the function not all active objects are hidden, so that you can clearly edit the active objects. At last the objects are inserted again with one click.
  • Align – and duplicate function
    With the help of a guideline activated objects can be easily moved or duplicated.
  • Object to path function
    This tool generates an 3D- out of an 2D-object.
    Thereby one object is used as path and the other as cross section.
    Objects with straight edges are bent.
    The user can define the angle and insertion point.
    In a preview the result is shown

 CAD Tools in ElementsCAD

The CAD-Tools of ElementsCAD are seamlessly integrated in the user interface of Vectorworks.
The CAD-Tools of the furniture module ElementsCAD are a combination of tools and intelligent objects.


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