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Interior CAD for cabinet maker

What is the difference between Vectorworks Interiorcad and ElementsCAD for Vectorworks?

The table shows a comparison of the two carpenterCAD modules, based on Vectorworks.

Both Vectorworks InteriorCAD and ElementsCAD for Vectorworks
release new program versions at the same rhythm as Vectorworks.
(changes and errors reserved).

InteriorCADElementsCAD basicInteriorCadInteriorCad small businessInteriorCad XS
Free 2D / 3D constructionYesYesYesYes
Import dxf / dwgYesYesYesYes
Parametric Windows, Doors in VectorworksYesYesNoNo
Walls, roofsYesYesNoNo
Parametric cabinet moduleYesYesYesYes
Change any field of multiple active furnitureYesRestrictedRestrictedRestricted
Display of changes on the drawing possible without leaving the cabinet generator?YesYes
Integration of special fronts such as segment arches, specific sockets, etc.YesRestrictedRestrictedRestricted
BOM outputYesYesYes
Export BOMs for third-party programsRestrictedYesYes
Automatic 2D viewsYesin a similar formin a similar form
Parametric curved furnitureYesRestrictedRestrictedRestricted
CNC connectionElementsCAMYesYes
Assign fittings and editsYesYesYes
Over-folded furniture frontsYes
Corner bench function, bevelled, inclined frameYes
Photorealistic representationRenderworksRenderworksRenderworksRenderworks

Changes, errors reserved.

Vectorworks InteriorCad and ElementsCAD Platform

Vectorworks InteriorCad and ElementsCAD are each based on the same Vectorworks platform.
The underlying Vectorworks Basic or Vectorworks architecture is 100% identical.

and ElementsCAD are also based on the Renderworks visualization tool, which is optionally available and seamlessly integrated with Vectorworks.
In contrast to InteriorCad body furniture, ElementsCAD primarily defines body furniture using the info palette.
This allows a direct change of the active furniture, so that the user immediately sees the change without leaving any dialogs first.

InteriorCad and ElementsCAD Development

InteriorCad is developed by Extragroup. ElementsCAD is developed by edv & cad group.
Vectorworks’ German-speaking distributor is based in Lörrach and Basel.
Computerworks localizes or translates the program Vectorworks into German.

InteriorCad – Vectorworks

InteriorCad is NOT the same as Vectorworks.
Computerworks/Lörrach localizes and translates Vectorworks into German. InteriorCAD, on the other hand, is developed by Extragroup / Münster.

The comparison of ElementsCAD to Vectorworks InteriorCAD is based on version 2020.