CAM Versions | Overview

Interior CAD for cabinet maker

Elements CAM modules at a glance

ElementsCAM is available in 3 versions. The free ElementsCAM Reader can be installed as many times as you like.
Not least for this reason, the CAM reader is also excellently suited for training purposes.

Overview of the functionalities of the 3 Elements CAM modules

Character functions within the program
Macro and programming functionality
flexible text milling functions
Structure tree for better overview and selection
individually adjustable suction cups√ *√ *√ *
freely configurable worklists√ *√ *√ *
specific import from ElementsCAD/VectorWorks
DXF – Import
DXF – Export
XML – Import/Export
MPR – Import (partial)
MPR – Export
NC-HOPS – Export
IMA WOP – Export (a.A.)
integrated tool management√ *
√ *√ *√ *
Number of CNC machines1Any
machine-specific post processorGannomat
* Restricted availability or for demo purposes – subject to change and error


In addition, a practical tutorial is available for all CAM modules in addition to a detailed manual.

The system requirements of our CAM modules are very economical:
The CAM modules run on Windows PCs running Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 from Pentium 4 and 512 MB of RAM.

Further CNC information about CAM modules can also be found in the woodcnc forum.