ElementsCAD for Vectorworks

Interior CAD for cabinet maker

In addition to the annual new versions of Vectorworks, a variety of innovations are continuously implemented for the joiner CAD module ElementsCAD.

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ElementsCAD for Vectorworks at a glance

Tool Palette Interior CAD ElementsCAD Window-Tuer Staircase
The cabinet, which is often used in the joiner area, is integrated into Vectorworks’ popular information palette.

In just one field, the required bevel mass can be entered in just a few seconds.
A menu command automatically generates the corresponding pass bars. It can’t be easier!

Carpenter CAD Moduls ElementsCAD: Latest videos of the latest versions

Automatically hatched cuts can be created with our joiner CAD module in no time!

As a result, 2D surfaces are created that can be hatched individually.
Due to class affiliations, matching hatches are already assigned.

tischler-cad-vectorworks-create cuts
chain-massing-vectorworks-interior architects-basic versionThe automatic chain measurement makes it easy to apply the measurements.
Edges can be individually allocated in the edge dialog.

The edge image can be individually designed for each component.
For example, all assignments can be evaluated using the ElementsAV line-of-business program.

The fiber direction can be rotated, which has multiple effects:

  • the values for length and width are swapped in the BOM
  • The fiber direction of the texture of the furniture is also rotated

This eliminates the need to assign a separate, rotated texture!
The BOM can be evaluated in ElementsAV, so that a complete material calculation is possible in no time.
In addition, the checkbox [ ] Opt whether, for example, the fiber direction of a body side Fpy19 with an oak decoration
must be taken into account in cutting optimization.

You can use a menu command to hide and show the edges.

schreiner-character software-turbo-cad-auto-cad-interior-cad-edge assignment


schreiner-character software-turbo-cad-auto-cad-interior-cad-egger-texture-assign

schreiner-zeichensoftware-turbo-cad-auto-cad-interior-cad-kuechenschrank-traverseEach construction floor can be freely designed in ElementsCAD.

10 different types are already taken into account by default, for example traverse.

The underlying drawing program Vectorworks has established itself worldwide in the fields of interior design, interior design and architecture.
ElementsCAD for Vectorworks is the indispensable planning and presentation module in thejoiner CAD area.

Our joinerCAD sample films illustrate how quickly and easily you plan and design with ElementsCAD.