Interior CAD for cabinet maker

ElementsCAD has an efficient function to create a material list. All activated objects are captured.

Both manually drawn objects and finished cabinet objects can be linked to a label, which then also appears in the material list.

The dimensions of the component are not read out from Vectorworks’ information palette, but are calculated individually.
If one of the already stored classes, for example “book middle side”, is assigned to the part, the material list also outputs the material of the stored class.

In the presets, you can set the columns, which are to be output in the BOM.
In addition to the tabular Vectorworks BOM, a file is output in parallel.
This can be further processed by ElementsAV or other programs.

The user has the possibility to activate a cabinet or any number of furniture in order to derive a material list from it.

The same components are automatically summarized in the material list.

Each part is automatically assigned an ID.
The class assignment in the Info Palette determines a material and the label.
This ensures that it is subsequently comprehensible which part of the material list belongs to which cabinet.

The components can be transferred directly to the elementsOPT optimization program via copy/paste via clipboard. An export via a file is not absolutely necessary. In addition, the material list can be inserted directly into a spreadsheet such as Excel or OpenOfficeCalc for further calculations…

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