ElementsCAD XS

Interior CAD for cabinet maker

ElementsCAD XS – the handy add-on with extensive Vectorworks library

Vectorworks’s accessory manager is often referred to as “CAD Explorer” or “Vectorworks Explorer” because it manages all accessories.Vectorworks Library5

ElementsCAD XS includes the Elements Accessory DVD. It contains an extensive Vectorworks library.

In addition, ElementsCAD XS for Vectorworks includes parametric windows and doors:

ElementsCAD XS Windows and DoorsElementsCAD XS Cabinet Module for 2D FurnitureElementsCAD XS Libraries

ElementsCAD XS Tools

Stamp ToolActivate multiple objects


ElementsCAD XS Tool Palette

ElementsCAD XS has several additional tools:

  • Set contour start point
  • Activate the same objects
  • Stamp
  • Guide
  • Chain dimension
  • Align horizontally / vertically
  • Parametric windows
  • Parametric doors
  • Parametric stairs
  • Parametric 2D Furniture
  • Parametric 3D base cabinets
  • Straight / round walls – compatible with all walls in Vectorworks
Tool Palette Interior CAD ElementsCAD Window-Tuer Staircase


ElementsCAD XS menu commands

ElementsCAD XS has several menu commands:

  • Views (automatic 2D views from 3D models)
  • Create section (creates cuts from 3D models)
  • Hide objects
  • Delete duplicates
  • Roof function
  • Creating roof space


ElementsCAD XS Libraries

ElementsCAD XS includes symbols from the office, living, kitchen, bedroom areas as well as 3D handles from various manufacturers, seating furniture or 3D sanitary objects from Villeroy & Boch in the Vectorworks library.

All parts of ElementsCAD XS, such as the Vectorworks library, are also included in the full version ElementsCAD.

CAD Explorer manages the Vectorworks library.

It contains objects such as hatches, symbols (blocks), databases, spreadsheets, etc.

The Architecture version allows a Vectorworks library to be exported directly to external library drawings.
In the basic version you should create the desired symbol or accessory directly in the corresponding accessory drawing.

Vectorworks Library – the different types of accessories

Vectorworks distinguishes various accessories.
All types of accessories are managed in the accessory palette. This ensures a clean structure. Any accessory that comes from another drawing or library drawing will be imported at the same time as soon as it is used in the drawing. If an object is deleted from the drawing,
this will NOT automatically delete the accessories! This can be done using the “Clean up” command in the “Extras” menu.

Vectorworks Library – Importing DXF symbols from the Internet: These topics are often picked up in relevant magazines.