Export CAD / CAM

Interior CAD for cabinet maker

Interface and Workflow Export CAD – CAM Vectorworks

ElementsCAD for Vectorworks includes a free export CAD CAM interface for ElementsCAM.
The desired objects are activated and then exported to ElementsCAM.

In contrast to DXF, any number of components can be passed at the same time.
In addition, the assignment of various edits is carried out directly via the database in Vectorworks.

Export CAD – CAM Vectorworks : free drawn 2D bodies

Export CAD – CAM Vectorworks : free drawn 3D bodies

The CAD CAM Vectorworks export includes InteriorCAD parts if they were created using the “normal” Vectorworks tools.

Export CAD – CAM Vectorworks Interiorcad

ElementsCAD integrates with Interiorcad. For this purpose, only the corresponding working environment is loaded.