Vectorworks 202X

Interior CAD for cabinet maker

Features of the current version

Vectorworks offers a number of features that provide you with effective support in your daily work.

Smart Options

Smart Options are adjustable tools that are displayed next to the mouse cursor.

In the program settings, you specify which functions you want to display.

The tools you use most can also be displayed separately.


Import / Export Excel Tables

Vectorworks transfer both data and layout and formulas to tables between Excel and Vectorworks.

Thus, Vectorworks tables in Excel retain their appearance and functionality in reverse.

Common spreadsheets such as schedules, survey data, object lists, evaluations of all kinds and much more can be exchanged between the two programs without post-processing.


Historicized modeling

In previous versions, it was not possible to “dive” into 3D fillet, 3D chamfers, or hollow bodies.

Vectorworks now allows the subsequent processing of virtually all 3D bodies by double-clicking.

In the Info Palette, the affected area lights up so that it is immediately clear which edges have been edited.

Clicking on “Modify” allows direct editing of the underlying body similar to the edit mode, which is indicated by a brown border.

The Remove button deletes the last edit of the body, which basically corresponds to the Resolve Grouping command.

Both the order of the processing steps and individual steps themselves can be changed and exchanged as desired.

Vectorworks Graphics Module

In Vectorworks, large files can be handled much more smoothly.

Navigating drawings, making view changes such as iterating through view, or flying over view, or modeling is much smoother than before.

This is achieved, for example.B by optimizing or reducing 3D surfaces or omitnating invisible objects.

Objects closer to the camera are displayed in more detail than objects that are more distant.

Direct editing in dialogs

Editing or renaming in dialogs has been tedious in part because each dialog had to be accessed by double-clicking or button.

From now on, you can write directly into the various dialogs.

Whether navigation palette, organizational dialog or accessory manager, direct editing allows a much more comfortable working than before.

A mouse click on the line in question to activate the line or object, then another mouse click … and you can write!

Automatic animations

Filming has been greatly simplified in Vectorworks.

It is now sufficient to draw a path, for example, as a polyline or Nurbs curve.

Subsequently, a film can be created directly from it.

If the path extends over a staircase, the slope is immediately taken into account.

In the info palette, other settings can be made, for example, to adjust the speed or film length.

Even 360° panoramas integrate into your animations with just one click.

Grouped widgets mean you have to scroll much less.

Related functions can be conveniently folded out and folded in.

Vectorworks stores these states so that you have the essential parameters at your fingertips after you open a project.

Thanks to an improved interface of the class and layer structure, DWG Layers can now be linked more conveniently to Vectorworks classes and vice versa, increasing the consistency and reliability of DXF-DWG and VWX applications.

  • Improved plan header functions
  • Optimized rendering calculation: Only changed geometries are recalculated, significantly reducing the processing time of existing renderings.
  • Batch function for global name renaming
  • Smaller file sizes thanks to new compression technology
  • Dark Mode for Mac
  • New setting for a modern user interface design for Mac’s
  • RAL colors in the attribute palette
  • Optimized PDF export A new option optimizes raster images when exporting
  • Improved features for note texts and legends
  • Databases can be defined and conveniently output via the Callyout tool.