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3D Kitchenplanner


ElementsCAD is the perfect program for 3D Kitchenplanning.

The ElementsCAD – 3D Kitchenplanner – PlugIn includes for example functions for  kitchen sink cupboards, oven units,…

These cupboards are preset and with useful values automatically generated

Order now a Demoversion for free or buy the full version 3D Kitchenplanner Elements CAD for Vectorworks.

Sample film 3D Kitchenplanner


3D Kitchenplanner

ElementsCAD  – 3D Kitchenplanner with integrated special fronts.

One important function in the 3D Kitchenplanner module is the consideration of individual symbols,

for example handles, fronts, lid profiles or


Even individual special front can be realised with the pedestales.

Continuous worktops or kitchen sink cuttings are automatically ElementsCAD-3D Kitchenplanner.

Elements CAD-3D Kitchenplanner scales them automatically to the right size.

The picture shows the integration of an original producersymbol as a special front.

You can easily save a picture on the homepage of your machineryproducer for example as a jpg, after that you can assign it in Vectorworks to the 3D Kitchenplanner.


ElementsCAD – create your own front



3D Kitchenplanner – automatic changes of any corpuses you want in one step

ElementsCAD – Kitchen with infopanel

In the 3D Kitchenplanner all active objects are canged .

Regarding to this you have the option, to cange one cupboard or more objects together.

The 3D Kitchenplanner of ElementsCAD considers all active objects everytime.


ElementsCAD – 3D-Cupboard infopanel


ElementsCAD – Handle-placement kitchen




The desired handle is downloaded out of the library from 3D Kitchenplanner and put into the info panel of the 3D Kitchenplanner.

With ElementsCAD are handles of Häfele or Hettich (ProDekor) also delivered.

These handles are part of the Elements feature-CD of 3D Kitchenplanner.


ElementsCAD – Feature panel




In the 3D-Kitchenplanner of ElementsCAD are 3D-materials put into the infopanel, too.

Here are thousands of textures available for you.

Our 3D Kitchenplanner includes 3D-materials of known producers,

for example Ostermann, Thermopal, Egger, Arcitex…


ElementsCAD – Textureassignment




A special tool, the 3D textureexchange, makes the assignment of individual materials easier.

Via mouse click the desired texture can be transfered onto one or more bodyparts.

If the User wants, he can change all plates of one or more bodies, or for example only the texture of shelfs of one or more cupboards.


ElementsCAD – Kitchen with texture


ElementsCAD – Textureassignment




The 3D Kitchenplanner of ElementsCAD includes diverse cupboard-types.

The cupboard-types are in a selection list blended in.

More parameter-fields  of an individual cupboardtype are shown in the infopanel.

So you can keep the track. Unimportant fields are hidden.



ElementsCAD – Menu cupboard-types




ElementsCAD – Edgecupboard     ElementsCAD – 45° Edgecupboard


ElementsCAD – Drawercupboard




Within one furniture you can stack up to 5 segments on each other.

The sides of the corpus are directly fitted (longer or shorter)  as a new segment is created.

Within one segment you can assign up to 8 doors, drawers or special parts.



3D Kitchenplanner – individual fronts for each segment


In the 3D Kitchenplanner you can design each segment specifically – you only have to assign in the 3D Kitchenplanner for example shelves, fronts, drawers,…

Handles, drawers and the like can be defined  by measuring in a segment.

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