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ElementsCAD contains an efficient function to create an object list.
All active objects are captured.
Manually drawn objects as well as finished cupboard objects can be attached with one description, which appears also in the object list. The dimensions of one element aren’t taken from the info-panel of Vectorworks but individually generated.
If you assign an deposited category, for example „beech-carcase side“, to an element, the object list will show the material from the deposited category.

In the pre-settings you can generatet he columns, which shall be shown in your object list.
Besides Vectorworks-object-list in table form ther is also a data generated, which can be processed from ElementsAV or an other programm.


The user has the opportunity, to activat a cupboard or as much furniture as he wants to creat an object list out of them.

The same elements are automatically combined in the objects list.

Every element gets its own ID.Jedes Bauteil bekommt automatisch eine ID zugewiesen.
By assigning a category in the info-panel, the material as well as the name will be determined.
So you make sure, that you know afterwards, which element regards to which cupboard.


The elements can be given to the improvement-program ElementsOPT via copy & paste directly.

Furthermore you can insert the object list direclty into Excel or OpenOfficeCalc to process the calculation there…

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You can also find informations about object lists and other carpentry-topics in the magazine Madera.


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