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ElementsCAD for Vectorworks enables the drawing of difficult objects in an easy way.

First you produce with 2D-tools a polyline.
After that you draw horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines, to determine the segmentation.

The surfaces for doors/drawers or sides in the middle/intermedial floors are now created.

Afterwards the parametres for respective floors are assigned: front (frame, gap …) or (deepth, board thickness, creation of a corner …).
The result are round furniture, roof pitch furniture, … which are equipped with own attributes, so that you can visualize now with RenderWorks.
The tool “3D-object of poly” makes a nearly random segmentation of round and beveled furniture possible.

The breadth of the parts or their joint size can be different and the produced surfaces are cutted according to their contour.



Round furniture receive as vertex an arc or a corner, so that an exact meassuring of angles and radii is guaranteed.




Round furniture is definatly more complex to create without ElementsCAD.
Therefor the investment is woth it.

Within a few trys you are able to draw round furniture or roof pitch furniture.
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