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Vectorworks 2014 – ElementsCAD history

Vectorworks 2014 – ElementsCAD for Vectorworks updates of the last years

ElementsCAD for Vectorworwoks 2014 is constantly developed.
Here you can see the comparsion of the different ElementsCAD-versions (ElementsCAD since version 2010).

Release Notes ElementsCAD 2014 / CAD comparison – ElementsCAD history

  • Vertical classification of cupboard-fronts. You can design a cupboard with 2 doors and drawers in the middle. (→ absolve elements)
  • Vertical classification of ground-level compartments. It’s new that you can e. g. in a 2-door-cupboart have 2 ground-level compartments on the left and 5 on the right (→ absolve elements).
  • Info-panel is tidied up: Info panel shows for an 3D cupboard presetted 5 fields less what gives you an better overview.
  • Create cuts: This command creates finished height-cross-frontalcuts out of 3D drawings.
    These cuttings are presetted shaded, every board can be individually edited as an 2D polygon.
  • New tool: chain-dimensioning
    You can dimension your drawing with a few clicks. In settings you are able to define if all cutting-lines or only shaded/ coloured or textured areas shall be considered. Interspaces can be dimensioned automatically.
  • New commad 2D – 3D reduce polypoints
    You can reduce cusps from 2D- and 3D polygons easy and fast.
  • You can set circular gaps for the back board.


Release Notes ElementsCAD 2013 / CAD comparison – ElementsCAD history

  •  New cupboard-type roof-pitch-cupboard Schranktyp Dachschrägenschrank
    with a new field you can bevel a cupboard can be beveld on the left and right e. g. with the intake 200 100 200 100.
  •  Better 3D Cover function
  • The blend adapts automatically to the conture if you have a roof-pitch-furniture.
  •  New bodytype: miter
  • 45° Edgeboards are presetted built: front protrudes from body -> gaps are equal
  • New setting „ground floor as traverse“ in the body details. The upper floor is drawn as an traverse.
  • New disintergration type for fronts „disintergration in the middle, inserted floor visible“.
  •  New command „3D object list…“
  • The object  list is shown as an table and as a text data. The path can be presetted.
  • The object list can include cutting-dimensions and final-dimensions.


Release Notes ElementsCAD 2012 / CAD comparsion – ElementsCAD history

In ElementsCAD 2012 e. g. drills of connection components can be shown.

  • · individual setted inserted floor
  • New parameters for side: body sides can protrude circular
  • or show an regress.
  • New parameters for upper/lower floor: both floors can protude to the front and back
  • or have an regress.
  • Introduction of CSV-text data for connecters, drill pictures, edges
  • New command „ make connecters visible or unvisible“
  • New command „edit 3D cupboard“. Here are edges assigned to the 3D-cupboard.

More features of Elements-versions in a CAD-comparison to earlier versions.

Release Notes ElementsCAD 2011 / CAD comparison – ElementsCAD history

       . There are new parameters for drawers in ElementsCAD for Vectorworks 2011.
Drawers can be free positioned.
Drawers can have individual dimensions.
Inserted floors can have a different thickness or can be completely missing (thickness 0 mm).In the object list all elements are correctly evaluated.
Every element gets its own ID-number, to differenciate similar elements.


       . For correct object lists, you can add an extra for drawer-front, -side, -back, -ground according to the edge connection.


In ElementsCAD 2011 all segments can be defined by segment-breadth.


Handles can be positioned for every segment individually.


Typing in the dimensions is repeated in all input boxes automatically:
As soon as you put  in e. g. the value „20“ and click the enter key, similar fields will get the same value.


CAD-comparison – ElementsCAD for Vectorworks 2010

Individual profiles can be added to working-boards and lids.



You can add edges to the profiling very uncomplicated.


In ElementsCAD 2010 sliding doors have been implemented. Cupboardtypes „ left side continuous“ (left cupboard) or „continuous on the right“ (right body). New command „combine elements“ makes it possible to combine single lids, sides, grounds or podestals according to your needs.  A new command creates in ElementsCAD 2010 front- or body-flush slits automatically.
CAD comparison: without ElementsCAD all bodies would have to be created as a deeper body in Vectorworks.

Here the CAD-comparsion of ElementsCAD to other CAD-systems:

Top-advantage CAD compared to Autocad:
– fast editing of parametric objects via info panel

Top-advantage CAD compared to Interiorcad:
– very good cost-performance ratio

Top-advantage CAD compared to OSD Spirit:
– direct editing of many parametric objects via info panel

The CAD comparison of ElementsCAD  vs. a „naked“ Vectorworks version
without attachment a indispensable investment.

Summing up the CAD comparison: With ElementsCAD 2012 you have a version, wich is a a great program for working with CNC-data for ElementsCAM.

In older versions of ElementsCAD you couldn’t use drills in a cupboard module.

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