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Vectorworks Counters – Counter furniture

Vectorworks Counters – Counter furniture in ElementsCAD

Counter furniture in ElementsCAD enables fast capturing of bent objects.

According to the requirement width and actual dimension or inner – and external radius can be typed in.

The counter furniture can be resolved anytime to make modifications and additions manually.

The requirements in gastronomy according to concept and design are nowadays so enormous, that every object needs an individual solution.

With the counter furniture function in ElementsCAD we make it possible to show your furniture and ideas in a perfect way.

Vectorworks Counters

Vectorworks Counters- Construktion

Especially in counter construction we have a tool, wich consideres easy and popular shapes.
For the counter area as an important center of every gastronomic objekt, we appreciate quality and an attractive design.

Vectorworks Counters- Surface

Users of Engine Vectorworks Achitecture are able to handle the surfaces of the counter furniture.

Therefor the Bend is transformed into a 2D-Polyline.

The counter furniture object of ElementsCAD for Vectorworks can be occupied with any texture that you want, so that you can design freely.

In ElementsCAD for Vectorworks the counter furniture PIO is an integral part.

Here you can buy the latest version of our Vectorworks Counters tool ElementsCAD.

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