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Its often difficult to change the architecture software, because a new CAD-Programm has a completly different applicationconcept.
Vectorworks Architect is a program, that is easy to learn and consequently per perfect for changers.

With the CAD Architecture Software you can start through right now.

Vectorworks Architect includes beside levels also categories.
Levels are the „construction- or levelsheets“, categories are the objects on the constructionsheets.

You can add attributes like line width, – type and colour to these categories.
Line width and colour are completly independent from each other in our Architecture Software.
By specifying of drawn elements you can change attributes very easy and flexible.

You can use the same footprint as a draftdisplay and with an other category-setting as a plan for massdetermining, where a special cost-group is shown with an special colour.
In other CAD’s this is organised in an other way, because there are only layers for the organisationmechanism available.
The disadvantage is, that you use everything fort the layers.
There will be a chaos soon, becaus every collegue has his own way of drawing.

The Architecture Software Vectorworks Architect is the allrounder for people who want to draw fast and effective.

Buy now the international Architecture Software “Vectorworks Architect” for an special price!

CAD Architecture Software Vectorworks Architect – important updates in 2013

  • Fast zooming and slide a cutting
  • Clearly arranged tables, lists through pictures
  • Cuttingbox for modelling easy
  • Create freeformconstructions fast and uncomplicated
  • Fee line-creating by individual definable polylines
  • Create details in a short time
  • DXF-/DWG-Batch-Export and so on




CAD Architecture Software Vectorworks Architect:

Easy to learn

Efficent paket

Best cost-performance ratio

CAD Architecture Software, magazines like to talk about planning footprints and 3D plans.