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Vectorworks Fundamentals

Vectorworks Fundamentals is the international basic-version for Vectorworks.
The functions of Vectorworks Fundamentals are industry-neutral and include all 2D- and 3D-functions for highest requirements.
The worksurrounding of Vectorworks Fundamentals can be adapted individually.
International versions are according to their very goog cost-performance ratio very attractive.
Vectorworks Fundamentals is delivered without Dongel and protected by series-numbers.

 Vectorworks Fundamentals – for whom?

Vectorworks Fundamentals perfect solution for companies, that need a program for creating technical drawings which ist easy to learn and efficient.

Vectorworks Fundamentals – Top-Ten updates in 2013

  • Fast zooming and slide a cutting
  • Navigating intuitively in 3D
  • Modelling easily with the cuttingbox
  • New cutts DWF, gbXML, Rhino, FBX, COLLADA
  • Free definable types of lines
  • Correct rotating becaus of a visual feedback
  • Best textures from Arroway
  • Working more efficient with layers and categories
  • Rendering in the background
  • DXF-/DWG-Batch-Export and more


Articles about Vectorworks Fundamentals as well as subjects about furniture carpentry are often picked by magazines for furniture carpenters.